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The (3) Payment Amount can be any amount that you choose, but you can find the actual amount due by referencing your paper utility bill. Reference a Sample Bill here.

Below the Payment Amount field, the Credit Card Processing fee is listed. As you type numbers into the Payment Amount field, the fee is calculated automatically. This fee is not a fee implemented by the City of Clyde, it is the fee charged by the Credit Card processing company. Click here for more information about the fees for using this service.

The credit card field (Card Number, Expiration, and Security Code) have been created to work with most browsers autocomplete functionality (if supported) to speed up and reduce the need to type your information.

The City of Clyde does not store any credit card information besides the last 4 digits of your card. The credit card processing company may store some form of the encrypted card information but the City is not able to see any Card information in plain text. This is a safety measure to ensure City of Clyde employees never directly see your Card information and by not storing your this data, a hack will result in nothing but the transaction data for your payment(s). Only the minimum amount of personally identifying information is directly stored in our databases.